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[Request] Murderpie and Diamond Eyes Drive-by by Whetsit-Tuya [Request] Murderpie and Diamond Eyes Drive-by :iconwhetsit-tuya:Whetsit-Tuya 5 16
Samurai Jack Season5 Alternate Story Ending Fanfic
Fanfic in Description!
:iconwhetsit-tuya:Whetsit-Tuya 14 13
Megas XLR TAS - Episode 1: Megas Effect [Casting] Watch this while reading the screenplay or it's not gonna make the slightest bit of sense
0:00 "The following is a fan-based parody, Megas XLR is owned by Cartoon Network, George Krrst.. Keerstick? Krisstick? I don't even know how to say that" over still of 12:32 with ME3 music? playing (Also the video thumbnail)
0:00 *Black screen with text scroll and Mass Effect 3's text scroll music* "In 3035, humanity discovered it was not alone in the universe. 2 years later, they found a peaceful place among dozens of galactic species. But this idyllic future is overshadowed by a dark past: Reapers, a sentient race of copyright machines reponsible for cleansing the galaxy of all unlicensed music every 50,000 years, are about to return. The leaders of the galaxy are paralyzed by indecision, unable to accept the legend of the Reapers as fact. But one soldier has seen the legend come to life. And now, the fate of the music industry res
:iconwhetsit-tuya:Whetsit-Tuya 1 3
[Lyrics] Hey now! You're A Clinton
Lyrics in Description
:iconwhetsit-tuya:Whetsit-Tuya 7 72
[Comic/Collab] Bendy and the Jealous Girlfriend by Whetsit-Tuya [Comic/Collab] Bendy and the Jealous Girlfriend :iconwhetsit-tuya:Whetsit-Tuya 7 22 [Gift] Variable Frequency Drive by Ell-T by Whetsit-Tuya [Gift] Variable Frequency Drive by Ell-T :iconwhetsit-tuya:Whetsit-Tuya 11 16 [Trade] Alexia Ashford by Wolfgangempress by Whetsit-Tuya [Trade] Alexia Ashford by Wolfgangempress :iconwhetsit-tuya:Whetsit-Tuya 7 5 [Comic/Collab] Malleo and Weegeee Superslave Saga by Whetsit-Tuya [Comic/Collab] Malleo and Weegeee Superslave Saga :iconwhetsit-tuya:Whetsit-Tuya 15 4 [Comic] Teen Titans GO! Fuck Yourself by Whetsit-Tuya [Comic] Teen Titans GO! Fuck Yourself :iconwhetsit-tuya:Whetsit-Tuya 40 99 My Haloes by Whetsit-Tuya My Haloes :iconwhetsit-tuya:Whetsit-Tuya 6 8 [Comic] Yami x Reader (jk Yami x Marik) by Whetsit-Tuya [Comic] Yami x Reader (jk Yami x Marik) :iconwhetsit-tuya:Whetsit-Tuya 0 3 [Comic] Flashback Guy by Whetsit-Tuya [Comic] Flashback Guy :iconwhetsit-tuya:Whetsit-Tuya 1 0 [Comic] I Sell Cosplay And Cosplay Accessories by Whetsit-Tuya [Comic] I Sell Cosplay And Cosplay Accessories :iconwhetsit-tuya:Whetsit-Tuya 1 0 [Comic] The Hungry Hungry Kakapillar by Whetsit-Tuya [Comic] The Hungry Hungry Kakapillar :iconwhetsit-tuya:Whetsit-Tuya 0 0 [Comic] EA's Yu-Ga-Ho! Tournament Edition 2014 by Whetsit-Tuya [Comic] EA's Yu-Ga-Ho! Tournament Edition 2014 :iconwhetsit-tuya:Whetsit-Tuya 0 0 [Comic] ''The Friendzone Frenzy!'' by Whetsit-Tuya [Comic] ''The Friendzone Frenzy!'' :iconwhetsit-tuya:Whetsit-Tuya 0 0
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Animator in training ᕙ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕗ
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United States

My Welcome Message to New People On Deviantart

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 5, 2017, 12:28 PM


:iconwhetsit-tuya::iconsayingplz:Here, this journal is gonna be your guide to Deviantart
Now, where you sit in the cafeteria is crucial cuz you got everybody there you got your..

Riders Sonic recolors by shadowgarion
Buy 9 get the 10th one 10% off! Got Plenty more where that came from ;)
Classic Recolour Adoptables artists *Points at table full of teen weaboo girls pasting images from Google into GIMP, duplicating it several times, changing each one's color, then selling them as "adoptables"*
Apparently some cartoon characters were mistakes and the owner couldn't afford an abortion so she put them up for adoption for anyone who want's to become the parent of a neon green Tails

Diva by Slugbox Everyone has gone through a weaboo phase, but some never grow out of it...
Your staple Weaboos *Points at table full of white girls and asian girls and one white guy and one asian guy*
Weaboos typically draw little anime girls with one tooth (located on the roof anterior of the mouth, so they're basically drawing Patrick), they're members of the school's anime club and they love to roleplay as Sonic, MLP, Pokemon, Hatsune Miku and Cory in the House (although you'd have to be pretty dang weaboo to go into the danger zone of cosplay by putting on a black bald cap)

Sparrow Character Sheet by Fantasyfreak18 I submitted Big Smoke as my character, his weapon is his insatiable appetite
Your RPers *Points at table full of even more hardcore weaboobs*
The RPers are a clan of pretty much the ultimate alpha weabs, they start or join RP groups and create a phonebook size list of rules that you must dutifully obey, break a rule and you'll face the infinite wrath of High Priestess Princess Terestria of Burlingham XIII (you'll be banned), they like to meet up on dA's completely broken Chat system where they conduct their sessions, also you're literally required to fill out a huge application to join any of these groups, nothing extreme though all they need is your email, phone number, address, etc.

O.C. The Hedgehog by hopebringer They tend to look like rainbows
Your Original artists *Points at table with a huge sign on it that says "ORIGINAL CHARACTER - DO NOT STEAL"*
I must admit I was one of these artists when I very first started dA until I found out you could copyright, there's two categories of original artist: 1. Sonichu artists, and 2. original artists, this group is also generally responsible for all the "OC X Canon" art you see

Naga Chibi  [Commission] by KentaPumpkin This is literally how asians see you when they're high
Your Chibi artists, or better known as Moe (Because the characters they draw look like Moe from Three Stooges) *Points at table full of female Manga Studio artists dressed in Tokyo pop clothing*
They only draw chibis and occasionally sell them as adoptables (because how can you afford to raise 1000 ocs on a Patreon budget?)

Strategy by JHALLpokemon Moral of the story? Draw Pokemon, b****es love Pokekmon
The Webcomicommunity *Points at table with nebezial, yummei and everyone else who makes 20 page vertical comics where each panel is an ultra-detailed digital painting that everyone on dA nuts all over*
The comic bookies like to make digital anime comics in Photoshop using a $3000 tablet (or cartoony western comics with an Intuos tablet in Sai if they're american), although their process may be pretentious their attitude usually isn't, if you want to know the fastest formula for success on deviantart you have two options: 1. draw [insert fandom here *COUGH*] comics, or 2. draw porn (b****es love porn)

Mature Content

AzulaRide by guitartist03
Most of it's good, some of it's downright bizarre...
The Muscle Fetish community *Points at table full of skinny guys who talk about nothing but their favourite female bodybuilders, muscle Gwen, muscle Jade, muscle Toph (some people really like little girls on steroids), muscle Kiva, Soviet-Superwoman and Daz*
These artists take pride in their knowledge and skill of the human anatomy, their work is often technically impressive, but on many occasions they go out of their way to be as shocking as possible, which is funny sometimes, other times you're wondering if they actually get off to it (not that that's a bad thing)
Btw my stuff doesn't count as muscle fetish because Reka is tiny compared to them and has huge boobs instead of pecs, as you can see here, she's also never portrayed as an anime bikini girl on steroids weightlifting while flexing on a beach like in elee0228's entire gallery (not that that's a bad thing)

Love pantsu Teruko by Teruchan Personally I think this one should replace his Daily Deviation
Your Loli artists *Points at table full of japanese men drawing little anime girls with pink panties on their head*
These artists love drawing promiscuous 10 year old anime girls who want nothing more than to satisfy an old man's fetish, you know how the old saying goes on deviantZART/Hentai Foundry/Rule 34 Paheal,etc. "If you can't have it, draw it"

COM Spy suit inflation by Robot001 This is an actual fetish btw *Hides my bike pump I used on Reka's boobs*
Your Inflation art which is defined as dA's most commonly associated fetish throughout the entire internet *Points at table full of ......I don't even know what these guys look like [insert fat joke here]*

Don't Deny by carlos24XD "Draw me like one of your japanese girls." "Would you change me? I'd change me. I'd change me so hard."
Your Incontinence artists *Points at table full of adults wearing Depends adult diapers*
A lot of the stuff they draw makes me laugh really hard, so yeah *fart sound*

Fluttershy and me scared by MetalGriffen69 It's exactly how it looks.
Your Anthro/Sonic/MLP furries*Points at table full of fat pony cosplayers wearing tail buttplugs clopping to Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash (cuz they're the hot ones)*
These are the ones identifying as wolf/dragon/dolphin/crabkin/WWII Panzer tanks/elements/shapes/colours/etc.

Mature Content

Peach at bus stop by Dmitrys
This guy's gallery is basically just Princess Peach as a ladyboy prostitute in Detroit (not kinkshaming btw)
Your Futa artists *Points at guys drawing fanart of girls like Samus, then adding huge bulges to their spandex*
Futa is very trendy these days, funny enough, the people who like it the most are the ones who get the most offended when asked about it, makes sense

Courage Kills Johnny Test by Whetsit-Tuya Courage is making Cartoon Network great again
The Johnny Test Hate Group *Points at table with me (don't ask how that's possible) after everyone else got bored of drawing Johnny Pest death art since the show finally got canned*
I'm actually really happy this group exists, even if I was too late to it, but still better late than never, however I'm disappointed at the lack of old school Cartoon Network characters having their way with this foul flame-headed demon

The Ideal SJW Anime: Blue Ball Bear Edition! by StufferofLegends ONE PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMP
The TomPreston Hate Group *Points at table with StufferofLegends and a bunch of other people drawing hate art of Tom Preston with his trademark bicycle pump*
Tom Preston was one of the most ostracized people on the entire site, he was a rabid feminazi, a blue care bear (not sure why he requested to be a care bear during his sex change but hey it's 2017, everyone these days is spending $100,000+ to look like Team America) and an inflation artist, some of his art is great though, eventually it was his feminist rants (and other controversies) that did him in (ironically even feminists hate him), he has long since set up shop on Tumblr, you know, that extremely s****y version of Deviantart where everyone is a cyan haired SJW reposting pictures from Deviantart and posting false rape claims against famous YouTube content creators like Pewdiepie and Markiplier (pretty much your average feminist)

:iconsonichuplz: Sonichu is almost as cool as Rainbow Freddash
The Chris Chan Hate Group *Points at table with Curt Sibling who's gallery consists of Chris Chan fetish art*
Considering he has extremely severe advanced autism I don't find it at all ethical to shame him, some people however based their lives on it, like a certain someone (dirty pool old man)

Only AIDS can stop my killing spree by tonyfony "Only AIDS can end my killing spree." (This thumbnail is a tribute, CactusPubes got banned for being too epic)
Your Grose-Out Artists *Points at table of disturbed gentlemen who draw nothing but epically grose art of pop culture like Sonic and Shrek*
These guys love wrinkles, don't believe me? CactusPubes & StufferofLegends
The only community on dA to get your fill of this sincerely majestic art, where we get to see the true/clandestine side of pop culture, or as a certain marketer likes to call it "Popped Culture"

suicideHave you ever wanted to die?
So bad
That you stood in the bathroom
A knife or a razor blade in hand
Maybe a boodle of pills
And a glass of water
And you stared at the mirror
Just wishing you'd die
But then you started to think
About your mom and your dad
Your sisters and brothers
Your nephews and nieces
All of your friends
And you put down the knife or the razor blade
You put away the pills
And you walked away
Acting like nothing ever happened
But the thoughts of your family and friends
Never stay for long
Day's week's maybe months later
Your back to thinking about suicide and death
The Poetry Club *Points at table full of depressed emo kids cutting themselves with their quill pens, or worse, university hipsters majoring in Women's Studies who's master thesis is titled "Why Videogames, Movies, Books, Comics, Television, the Internet, Dogs and Pokemon are Misogynist*

Rarity! by adamlhumphreys That looks painful! Not for the timid ;)
Your Crafters *Points at table full of people making nothing but MLP and Polkamon plush dolls*
Oh yeah, the actual crafters are all on Etsy #ShortsFired

Unbirth tug of war by ChaosAlphaAndOmega 'Unbirth Tug of War', you can't even make this up
Your Vore/Rebirthing artists *Points at table full of morbidly obese people who can't stop eating little chip baggies (they have "low blood sugar" Facepalm) and 16.9oz bottles of soda*
Under the same spectrum as the inflation artists, these artists have galleries consisting exclusively of vore (swallowing someone in one bite, often accompanies by a hollow X-ray of the consumed character which is usually Sonic) and rebirthing (same thing as vore but after eating the victim they s**t Sonic out)
This even has fetish ASMR videos on GoogleTube that people get off to, then comment either "Not my proudest fap." or "First!" on

Mature Content

Widowmaker farting on Tracer by Lazei
You have to admit very few asses have ever been drawn as well as Widowmaker's here
Your Fart Fetish artists *Points at table full of grose looking guys covered in stains and flies (I have no idea what they look like)*
I can't really comprehend why this is a fetish, to me farting is possibly the most disgusting thing there is, so to see someone who gets immense sexual gratification from it is something I can't even remotely empathize with, at least some of it's funny *fart sound*

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad by Mirish If I had a nickel for everytime someone cosplayed as Harley Quinn I'd have enough money to fix Suicide Squad
Your Cosplayers *Points at table full of weaboo girls who typically only cosplay as anime characters from anime shows/games, but generally whatever's trending at the moment (e.g. Suicide Squad Harley Quinn)* Okay they're not all fat weaboos but a lot of them are, still there are a lot of really cool ones like Its-Raining-Neon and Ariane-Saint-Amour 

:iconlulzcowplz: We're sorry, but you cannot post a comment here.
Your Lulzcows [|//APPROACH//WITH//EXTREME//CAUTION//|] *Points at table with mediocre anime artists who think their anatomy is flawless, but when you offer them constructive criticism they get ultra triggered and go advanced ass burger on you proceeded by immediately blocking you in order for them to have "the last laugh"*
Their pathetic low-standard fans have way too much time on their hands and attack your entire gallery calling it s**t proceeded yet again by immediately blocking you after, this goes on 24/7 for the next month until they run out of deviations to flame or they've all had a turn blocking you because you tried to help their master improve

Mature Content

Naughty Lara Croft '13 by gb2k
Literally all of the characters (or characteR I should say) in his entire gallery have the exact same face and body, they're also shaped like a bar of soap
Your SFS (Sameface Syndrome) artists *Points at table with the artists who draw all of their women with the exact same face, we've all seen them (more commonly in anime artists), this is the group who's afraid of experimentation, they derive themselves of  progression for cathartic consistency (aka "if it ain't broke, dun fix it!), there's also people with SBS (Samebody Syndrome), which is also common in anime artists, you know what, everyone an anime artist draws is a skinny girl with or without a penis, now that that's out of the way, SFS and SBS are serious illnesses that shouldn't be ridiculed, if you or anyone you know is suffering from either of these conditions please consult your local art school

[Insert meme of 10 year old nazi anime girl with pink hair here]
Your Meme S**tposters *Points at table full of fat overly republican weaboo suicidal ass burger zitty neckbeards with acne, bacne, assne and beardne (don't ask how that last one's possible, it just do)* Their entire profile/gallery consists exclusively of extremist conservative propaganda, they literally worship Trump and think people who don't love him are communists/terrorists (those terms have the same meaning to them)

NATURALLY 63 Smoker would be lesbian... my logic by Blunt-Katana His gallery used to be nothing but edgy Mileena x Jade college sitcomics, nowadays it's all Patreon whoring, you have to admit some of his stuff looks great even if most of it's the same thing, too bad he's a massive Sellout/Lulzow
Your 2edgy4u edgelord artists *Points at table with the 2cool4school guys who wear sunglasses indoors (can never tell if those guys are blind or pedophiles), these artists are generally narcissists, they believe that they're the MVPs/rockstars of deviantart just because they draw slutty girls with daddy issues (stop lookin at me Reka is classy like Bayonetta, even though Bayonetta's technically the sluttiest woman in existence... but still high class sluttiness, only the most elegant!) Who am I kidding this category is literally me lolness, but you shouldn't judge, you know you're in at least 3 of the groups in this journal, you are a Deviantart member after all...

LMS: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter - 2 - by DanLuVisiArt This can be you if you sell your soul to the art gods, you'll become a lonely hermit for a decade but it'll be worth it once you're drawing your own top quality porn (be honest you know you'll make porn)
The Legends of dA *Points at table with DanLuVisiArt, Artgerm and all the other artists very few people will ever amount to unless they spend a decade training like it's life or death* These are the coveted elite on dA, some of them are the go-to guys for major entertainment companies and some of them were already established in that industry before stumbling onto dA to post 1 pic and immediately get 1000 watchers, they're much more approachable than Sellouts and some even offer free tutorials, if one of them decides to befriend you you know you're already halfway to becoming one yourself, reaching this icon status is truly a life dedication, you're not allowed to watch TV/YouTube or play games or even think about anything non-art related, imagine Bruce Lee's training and apply it to art, that's the same rigorous training regimen these artists put themself through and it's a small price to pay to become immortalized as a modern day DaVinci (but with hilarious rule 34 fetish porn)

The ghost woman by DamaiMikaz Highschool Yearbook: Voted "Most likely to not charge for autographs"
The Greatest People you will ever meet *Points at the cool table with DamaiMikaz where all the down to earth artists sit to be badasses and draw amazingly awesome stuff whilst gracing all us normies with their art, words and inspiration* These people love to talk to their fans and draw for the pleasure and aspiration of it, they're like organic farmers producing non-GMO produce/meat/eggs/dairy and giving you tours and free products

Mature Content

Goddess Symmetra :NSFW teaser: by OlchaS
"Here's some boobs, give me money and don't talk to me unless it's for a commission."
And The Worst, beware of the Sellouts *Points at the popular table full of pretentious digital artists who draw nothing but uncreative anime fanart of Overwatch, League of Legends and Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn, (basically whatever's contemporarily trending at the moment, including genderbend versions)* They shove the Patreon logo down your throat wherever you are on their profile or gallery, everytime a game with sexualized women comes out they see it as a huge holiday bonus because they get to draw every individual female from that game in slutty backgroundless pinups which is their marketing strategy, (because (  @    ) (    @  ) = (  ($)    ) (    ($)  )
Although not all sellouts are bad, some are benign, like Ganassa and customwaifus who are gregarious, humble and treat everyone like a friend rather than a dirt covered peasant holding a picture of a broken stick man
To be fair I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't also be a sellout, but at least it's not the pretentious Photoshop glittery anime artist type who only draws League girls in slutty poses and treats their fans worse than trash (which there's way too many of, they also only talk to their own kind)
Btw not calling this particular artist a sellout, just using his pic as an example, he is probably friendly ;P (most likely not)

Also this is the world's longest notebook, you could use it as Princess Diana's wedding gown cape

  • Listening to: Classical Death Metal
  • Reading: Wikihow to use Wikihow
  • Watching: Santa sleep
  • Playing: With magic! *Jazz hands*
  • Eating: Little trees (Broccoli)
  • Drinking: Extra Virginia Olivia Oil

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National Day of Action
A37cf2870060e9fd2f38ec3c0a8a478b by Whetsit-Tuya
Today is a national day of action to Stop Trumpcare. Millions of people from across the country are calling their Senators. It’s time to do your part.

Republicans in the Senate have crafted their “health care” repeal legislation in total secret. When asked why there was no public debate, a Republican staffer replied “We aren’t stupid.” They know that when the American people find out what their bill will do, it will be as unpopular as the House-passed bill.

If the Senate version closely mirrors the House-passed version (which it’s rumored to), it would:

  • Cut $880 billion from Medicaid, kicking 23 million people off of their health care;

  • sharply increase out-of-pocket expenses for people in their 50s and 60s;

  • gut Medicaid funding for nursing home care, making it unaffordable for most seniors and their families;

  • create sky-high rates for people with pre-existing conditions;

  • and give a massive tax break to millionaires, billionaires, and health care corporations.

Call your Senators today and tell them to reject Trumpcare: 202-224-3121

Can't call? Busy signal? Sign and send a PERSONALIZED letter to your GOP senator and they vote NO on the super secret Trumpcare bill.
(Optional Links)…

Please, Alexis Shaw, if you haven't already: Sign up to make Get Out The Vote calls for Democrat Jon Ossoff.

If you really can't make calls, please chip in $5 to help Daily Kos Get Out The Vote.

All wars should be settled by a 2 out of 3 Street Fighter match
If Kim wins he gets to nuke US, if he loses he has to nuke himself, actually that's not fair he's Korean, this was a bad idea
Many thanks to :iconjoesketchconcepts-da::iconnyuuplz: for the premium (I don't know if it says so on my profile but just incase, I'm listing it in this status)
Let's be honest, people are only talking about NIER: Automica because it stars a loli, that's why no one uttered a word about the last 10 NEIR games which had male protagonists , Platinum Games eventually took over and said "Let's make Bayonetta... but loli." The results were overwhelming because the endless rule 34 gave this game all the marketing it needed
"The United Memes of Internia"

You heard it here first folx.
How am I a bad person for thinking Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson-Williams and Peter Williams are significantly better than Beethoven, Mozart and Bach? (Should be a Marvel vs Capcom 3 matchup)
What's this song called? Tell me and I'll give you all my points
The 2010s: Where everyone's head is a snowcone
I'm about to trigger millions of white millennial americans with a single word.


In regard to Samurai Jack's ending, something that should have lasted 60 minutes went by in 20
Well. Bioware redid Mass Effect 3's ending, it's time Genndy did the same (the internet seems to agree)

Seriously, imagine the entire fight with Frieza lasted 20 minutes instead of 20 episodes

Frieza: *Blows up Krilliin*
Goku: You monster! *POOF blonde hair*
Frieza: What happened to your hai-
Goku: *Punches Frieza in the face*
Frieza: *Destructo disc*
Goku: *Dodges*
Goku: That's racist! *Finishes Frieza with a handblast then flies back home*
Goku: Who's hungry!? *Watchout!... Gotta go back with Samurai Jack*

Cell Saga
Cell: Vegeta please let me absorb the androids! I promise I'll dominate you
Vegeta: Now you're speakin' m'language!
Cell: Thanks V! *Swallows 17 and 18*
Cell: I have achieved Perfection!
Goku: Gohan, go super saiyan 2!
Gohan: I can't!
Cell: Let me help you *Kills Android 16*
Gohan: You monster! *POOF blonde hair*
Cell: What happened to your-
Gohan: *Kicks Cell in the face*
Gohan and Cell: Kamehameha!
Goku: Do it now Gohan!
Goku: Who's hungry!? *Watchout!... Gotta go back with Samurai Jack*
Andy Milanokis is 41 yet looks 17, Selena Gomez is 24 yet looks 8, we must kidnap them and force them to show us the location of the fountain of youth

Update: I found it, its Jennifer Lopez's swimming pool
No wonder she's 47 and looks 20 without makeup
Which meme is 9000.1x worse than Hitler?

It's a trap!
(People over 29 don't know what this means but want to fit in)
(In what universe was this ever funny?)
Daaaaaamn DanyulllllLH!...
(This one lasted approximately 15 minutes)
Do you ever see a movie so good that you think no other movie will ever live up to it and feel kind of sad because of it?
What's the difference between Deviantart and Youtube? No one on Deviantart dies every time they laugh When-you-die-laughing-at-a-meme-but-you-forgot-365 by Whetsit-Tuya
No one told me there was a live-action Megas XLR Bulk-Skull by Whetsit-Tuya
I bought some dollar store "beef" for the first time (worst thing I've ever tasted in my entire life btw) and left it in my frying pan for a week to see if maggots would appear, they didn't

:iconwilfordbrimleyplz::iconsayingplz:What the hell did I just eat!?
Remember that episode when Courage bought a ouija board from Toys R Us? Courage-the-cowardly-dog-the-house-of-discontent by Whetsit-Tuya
Not everyone knows this but my oc Rekluse is based on this pokemon Coco By Beetlebot by Whetsit-Tuya


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